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Abraham is known as the father of faith because his faith and belief in God was outstanding. Although he sometimes struggled to trust the Lord and made a few mistakes along the way, his faith continued to grow strong and believed God?s promise to give him and Sarah a son at their very old age. This is the path we are all expected to take as believers. The walk of faith begins at salvation and continues until we reach heaven. There is the tendency to stumble at first, but as we grow to maturity in faith our focus would begin to shift: Instead of focusing on the obstacles facing us, we look to the Lord; rather than the battle making us doubt God?s faithfulness, we would cling to the knowledge and confidence that He loves us and is always faithful to His Word.As we grow in faith, our life will begin to revolve around the Lord and confidence in His word. Whenever we experience a delay in receiving answers to our prayers, we have unwavering faith and rely on His wisdom and trust that He will answer in His way and time. Despite all difficulties, challenges, frailties, failures, and sin, a mature Christian will wait on the Lord in prayers and meditation on the Scripture. And instead of responding to uncertainties with fear and fretting, he will focus on God?s sovereignty and promises.What will you do when the troubles of the world stare you in the face? Will you give in to the challenges? You shouldn?t because you have a great and awesome God. Your Faith should be like the three Hebrew boys in Daniel 3:16-18 who dared the consequences of being thrown into the lake of fire. They trusted that God would deliver them when they were thrown into the den of lions. They were even ready for a situation where God didn?t deliever them but God honoured their unstaggering faith and delievered them. When Mary pondered on the message of the Angel to her, her response was ?be it done to me according to your word? (Luke 1:38). Rise up from your sleep; grow your faith to maturity with the help of the Holy Spirit!

MEDITATION- Daniel 3:16-18

PRAYER- Lord, help my faith not to be shaken in the mist of tribulations. Oh Lord, empower me to grow in faith each time I am faced with trials.





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