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There is a way in which God wants us to walk. It is not conceived or planned by man, it is the way of God that leads to life. The way of God is the journey through life where God reveals Himself to man and by so doing, He restores us to the place we need to be in Him. There are two ways available to man and we have been given the opportunity to decide the way we want to go. There is the broad way that leads to destruction and the narrow way that leads to eternity and peace of mind.As human we have the power of choice to decide the path we want to follow. We can only know where we are going when we walk in the way of the Lord, ?there is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death? (Proverbs 14:12). When we fail to work in the way of the Lord, we end up walking in the way of the wicked that have forsaken God. Walking in His ways means walking in the Spirit, a walk in the way of the Lord can only be possible when the Holy Spirit dwells in you as a believer. The Holy Spirit is God?s gift to those who trust totally in Christ and has surrendered their lives to Him. A walk with God requires a renewed mind that feeds generously on the word of the God.When we walk continuously in the way the Father has set before us, we grow in holiness and spiritual maturity that leads to life eternal. Enoch walked in close fellowship with God and he did not see death but was taken away (Genesis 5:21-25). Beloved, unforgiving, lack of effective prayer life, unbelieve, inordinate affection, serving other gods and all other forms of sin could hinder our genuine walk with God. On the other hand, divine protection, God?s blessings all year round, joy on daily basis and eternal life is guaranteed when we daily walk in His ways.

MEDITATION- Proverbs 14:12, Psalm 1:2

PRAYER- ? Father, help me to walk with you sincerely this year. ? Father, I put my feet in your footsteps, give me the grace not to be distracted as I journey with you this year.





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